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National/Bank Holidays & Long Weekends 2017 in United Kingdom

Overview 2017 Long Weekends in United Kingdom

There are many different holidays in the United Kingdom. Since each area has traditions exclusive to themselves, it's hard to plan ahead for celebrations and vacations. Now, many of the bank holidays are shared, even when celebrations differ. But, just in case, make sure to check. Before planning your long weekend, check with employers and schools to make sure the day is off for your, along with other members of your family.

Know The Date & Celebrate!

There are 5 long weekends in the year of 2017. One of these marks a four-day weekend as well.

Monday, January 2

New Year's Day falls on the Sunday before, so the celebration is moved to Monday. Luckily, that ensures a nice long weekend for those who wish to travel. Many individuals take the day after New Year's Eve as a day of relaxation. However, landing on a long weekend provides the opportunity to travel elsewhere for celebrations.

Friday, April 14

Good Friday is a holiday in the Christian religion. It marks the death of Jesus Christ, so many choose to commemorate the day in church. There are often special services held in the evening. For others, it marks the start of the Easter weekend. For those who aren't heavily religious, this is the perfect weekend to travel. Easter lands on the Sunday, which is celebrated with Easter egg hunts and feasts among family. The whole weekend is ideal to spend time with family members, both close and extended. If you're planning to travel on Good Friday, make sure you plan ahead. This is a common weekend for traveling.

Monday, May 1

Early May Bank Holiday is known by a variety of names in different parts of the United Kingdom. It celebrates the beginning of the summer season, so it's celebrated with festivals. These include traditional dance routines and expressions of culture. It also celebrates workers' rights, providing an extra day off for people to spend with family. Because of this, it's common that family members will travel on this weekend. So, if you're one of the people gearing up to go somewhere, plan ahead!

Monday, May 29

Spring Bank Holiday has no official celebration. There are activities and festivities in certain areas, but it's largely an extra day off work. For this reason, many people will choose to travel, especially those that didn't travel on the Early May Bank Holiday in the weeks prior. This is a popular time for traveling, so there are likely to be delays in traffic. Always make sure you're booking your travel arrangements ahead of time!

Monday, December 25

Christmas is a holiday celebrated throughout the world. It has bases in both the Christian religion and traditional Pagan and Celtic festivals. For many, it's time to spend with family. The morning of Christmas is spent around a Christmas tree, opening and exchanging gifts. The evening usually involves a feast. However, that feast can fall on the day before Christmas, or be enjoyed on Boxing Day. Many people will also have Boxing Day off work, marking Christmas weekend as a four-day weekend. Although, check ahead before you plan a longer trip. It's very common for families to gather together on the Christmas weekend.

Tuesday, December 26

Boxing Day is a holiday that follows Christmas, leading to a four-day weekend in 2017. Although, not every business is closed on Boxing Day. It's important to check, before planning. But, many people have both days off, allowing them a good opportunity to travel. This weekend is likely to be spent with family.

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Detailed list next long weekends & holidays per countries in UK 2017

When? What? Where? Comments
Sunday, 1. January 2017 New Year's Day Bank holiday
Monday, 2. January 2017 New Year's Day observed Bank holiday long weekend
Monday, 2. January 2017 New Year's Day Holiday Bank holiday long weekend
Tuesday, 3. January 2017 2nd January (substitute day) Scotland possible long weekend
Friday, 17. March 2017 St Patrick's Day Northern Ireland long weekend
Friday, 14. April 2017 Good Friday Public holiday long weekend
Monday, 17. April 2017 Easter Monday England, Guernsey, Jersey, Northern Ireland, Wales long weekend
Monday, 1. May 2017 Early May Bank Holiday Bank holiday long weekend
Tuesday, 9. May 2017 Liberation Day Guernsey, Jersey possible long weekend
Monday, 29. May 2017 Spring Bank Holiday Bank holiday long weekend
Wednesday, 12. July 2017 Battle of the Boyne Northern Ireland
Monday, 7. August 2017 Summer Bank Holiday Scotland long weekend
Monday, 28. August 2017 Summer Bank Holiday England, Guernsey, Jersey, Northern Ireland, Wales long weekend
Thursday, 30. November 2017 St Andrew's Day Scotland possible long weekend
Monday, 25. December 2017 Christmas Day Public holiday long weekend
Tuesday, 26. December 2017 Boxing Day Bank holiday possible long weekend
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