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Public Holidays & Long Weekends 2017 in New Zealand

Overview 2017 Long Weekends in New Zealand

If you're a local to New Zealand, you're more familiar with the long weekends you have during a given year. However, many dates change. It can be hard to keep track. Sometimes, you need an extra boost or a reminder to help you plan your vacation. So, here is a list of the long weekends that are coming up in 2017. There are 2 four-day weekends you'll definitely want to plan something for!

Know The Date & Celebrate!

Throughout 2017, there are 8 long weekends in New Zealand.

Monday, January 2

New Year's Day (falling on the Sunday before) is largely celebrated through relaxing. After the festivities of New Year's Eve, many can feel drained. Although, New Year's Day lands on the 1st, it's observation in 2017 is on the 2nd. That pushes the celebration into a long weekend. That being said, the Day After New Year's Day lands on the 3rd of January. This makes the weekend a four day weekend. In New Zealand, this holiday lands in the middle of the summer, when the weather is nice and welcoming. Many will choose to attend sporting events on these days, or relax outside in the sun. It's a great time to take a vacation with the family as well. But, many will be planning a vacation for this four-day weekend, so plan in advance. This will prevent you meeting delays on your travels.

Tuesday, January 3

As mentioned above, the Day after New Year's Day is also a holiday. This makes it a four-day weekend. It's a great chance to get away on a short vacation or just enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Monday, February 6

Waitangi Day commemorates the founding of New Zealand. It is a cultural celebration which almost everyone participates in. This is often done by traditional dancing and music in the air. It is a time for community that brings citizens together. It also lands on a long weekend, so many festivities may begin during the days prior. The celebrations may continue throughout the weekend, with the traditions being held on the Monday. Since it is a time for cultural celebration, most people choose to stay local. There are some that may choose to travel, which means there aren't likely to be delays in traffic.

Friday, April 14 & Monday, April 17

Good Friday begins the four-day weekend that ends on Easter Monday. Unfortunately, not everything is closed on both of these days. Some stores close on the Friday, while others close on the Monday. There are many places that close for both, giving workers a four-day weekend. Before making any plans to travel, double check with your place of employment. If you have both days off, it's a great chance to take a vacation with your family. You can plan to visit distant relatives, or plan to have relatives come visit you. The Easter weekend is a time to spend with family. Easter Sunday is often spent with an Easter egg hunt and feast.

Monday, June 5

The Queen's Birthday is celebrated on this day. Although there are no formal celebrations for it. In some areas, there are fireworks, in others, festivals. But largely, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate. Therefore, many families choose to take the long weekend and plan a trip. They may even book extra days off work to prolong the vacation. It is common for traveling on this particular long weekend. Therefore, it's important to plan ahead to avoid delays.

Monday, October 23

Labour Day is a celebration of workers' rights in New Zealand. It is celebrated with parades and festivals. However, many people choose to just enjoy the extra day off work. This is done by watching sporting events, or taking a short trip. It's another common time for traveling, so arrangements should be made ahead of time.

Monday, December 25

Christmas is a holiday celebrated across the globe. It is always a day off, which in 2017, marks a long weekend. Since Christmas is a time that many choose to spend with family members, traveling is common. This is often traveling to visit distant relatives, or having relatives travel. It's all a matter of preference. If you're planning a trip to visit family, make sure you plan ahead. You don't want to miss your flight or get stuck in traffic for too long, if you can avoid it.

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Detailed list next long weekends & holidays in New Zealand 2017

When? What? Where? Comments
Sunday, 1. January 2017 New Year's Day National holiday
Monday, 2. January 2017 New Year's Day Observed National holiday long weekend
Tuesday, 3. January 2017 Day after New Year's Day National holiday possible long weekend
Monday, 6. February 2017 Waitangi Day National holiday long weekend
Friday, 14. April 2017 Good Friday National holiday long weekend
Monday, 17. April 2017 Easter Monday National holiday long weekend
Tuesday, 25. April 2017 ANZAC Day National holiday possible long weekend
Monday, 5. June 2017 Queen's Birthday National holiday long weekend
Monday, 23. October 2017 Labour Day National holiday long weekend
Monday, 25. December 2017 Christmas Day National holiday long weekend
Tuesday, 26. December 2017 Boxing Day National holiday possible long weekend
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