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Bank/Public Holidays & Long Weekends 2017 in Ireland

Overview 2017 Long Weekends in Ireland

There are many holidays in Ireland. Unfortunately, most of them aren't days off work. It's hard to keep track of which days you're going to have off. You can find the long weekend popping up unexpected. Then, you'll feel like you should have made better plans. So, we've put together a list of all the long weekends in Ireland throughout 2017.

Know The Date & Celebrate!

There are 7 long weekends throughout 2017.

Friday, March 17

St. Patrick's Day celebrates the accomplishments of St.Patrick. Many choose to celebrate this day in the pubs, while others take to spending it at home. St. Patrick was the individual who brought Christianity to Ireland. Therefore, there are some who don't celebrate the religious implications. For those individuals, it's just a day off work. It's the perfect time to take a short trip with the family.

Monday, April 17

Easter Monday marks the day after Easter. Many choose this day as a period of rest. There are some places that choose to close on Good Friday (the Friday prior), leading to a 4 day weekend. However, in most places, this isn't the case. Still, the three day weekend is a good chance to go and visit family. It's also a good opportunity to have family come and visit. It's a Christian holiday that many choose to observe in church through prayer.

Monday, May 1

May Day is a break for the workers' of Ireland. It's an extra day off that celebrates workers' rights. Since this holiday lands in the welcoming of spring, it's common to see festivals and activities organized in public parks. It's a good chance to take a vacation as well, since the weather is nice in most places. It's common to see traditional expressions of dance, which are fun to participate in as well!

Monday, June 5

The June Bank Holiday welcomes the beginning of summer. This is the most common long weekend for traveling arrangements. It's important that you plan ahead, due to the congestion of traffic and flights! If you'd rather stay home, you can enjoy the extra time off work by lounging at the beach. There are often festivals and celebrations welcoming the warmer season.

Monday, August 7

The August Bank Holiday is a chance for individuals to express their culture. The day is filled with celebrations about the history of Ireland, including festivals and dance. Since it's the last holiday before the end of summer, it's common that people will take a vacation. This can be local, or out at a distance.

Monday, October 30

The October Bank Holiday is also known as the Halloween Holiday. It lands in the same week as Halloween, therefore many festivals and celebrations will have a Halloween theme. It's not a common long-weekend for traveling, which may make it the perfect time to get out with the family. It's the least-likely to be congested.

Monday, December 25

Christmas Day is a part of the Christian celebration for the birth of Christ. Regardless of religious background, it's a holiday in most places across the globe. It marks a long weekend in 2017, landing on a Monday. This is a great chance to visit relatives from out of town. It may also be a good chance to take a trip with the family.

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Detailed list next long weekends & holidays in Ireland 2017

When? What? Where? Comments
Sunday, 1. January 2017 New Year's Day National holiday
Friday, 17. March 2017 St. Patrick's Day National holiday long weekend
Monday, 20. March 2017 March equinox Season long weekend
Friday, 14. April 2017 Good Friday Observance long weekend
Sunday, 16. April 2017 Easter Observance
Monday, 17. April 2017 Easter Monday National holiday long weekend
Monday, 1. May 2017 May Day National holiday long weekend
Monday, 5. June 2017 June Bank Holiday National holiday long weekend
Wednesday, 21. June 2017 June Solstice Season
Monday, 7. August 2017 August Bank Holiday National holiday long weekend
Friday, 22. September 2017 September equinox Season long weekend
Monday, 30. October 2017 October Bank Holiday National holiday long weekend
Thursday, 21. December 2017 December Solstice Season possible long weekend
Sunday, 24. December 2017 Christmas Eve Observance
Monday, 25. December 2017 Christmas Day National holiday long weekend
Tuesday, 26. December 2017 St. Stephen's Day National holiday possible long weekend
Sunday, 31. December 2017 New Year's Eve Observance